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What a lovely thing a rose is!

Arthur Conan Doyle

We provide florists and rose lovers near Salt Lake City with locally grown, seasonal, fragrant garden roses. We are committed to sustainable floral design and inspiring our friends to live a bloomed life.
Heather Dawn Miller is the founder of Bloomed Life

A Message from Heather Dawn Miller

Founder of The Bloomed Life

Roses are the ultimate expression of beauty and love. Many of life’s most significant moments include roses—weddings, anniversaries, holidays, graduations and other celebrations, baby showers, and funerals.

This has certainly been true for me.

I’m Heather Dawn, and I am passionate about roses. My love affair with roses started early. My father gave my mother a bouquet of roses when I was born. I still have those dried flowers. When I was three years old, my younger sister was born. My grandmother took me to the hospital gift shop to buy a bouquet of roses to celebrate the occasion. Grandma could see how much I loved the roses and she let me buy an enormous bouquet, which was nearly as big as me.

When I purchased my first home as a young adult, I planted as many flowers as possible in that tiny yard. The first season was spectacular, and my passion grew along with those flowers. So did my desire for more acreage on which to create an expansive cutting garden and landscape tapestries with flowers. I learned of the “farm to vase” movement and about flower farming.

Courageously following my dream, my husband and I acquired thirteen acres of land in 2019. I began creating Utah’s first large-scale field-grown garden rose farm. I invite you to indulge your passion for roses by visiting our retail boutique or following our journey on Instagram.

This “About Me” wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging all the amazing people in my life that have shaped this incredible journey. My love of flowers was cultivated from a shared passion with my lovely Mother Coco, who has traveled the world with me in search of glorious gardens and new floral offerings. My father taught me persistence, strength and organization.

My introduction to growing ornamentals and flower gardening came from my grandmothers. They showed me that hard work pays off—in the garden and life. I have had the privilege of learning the importance of community, courage, leadership and dreaming big from my beautiful mother-in-law, Gail Miller.

I’m fortunate to have a supportive spouse that has cheered me on this crazy journey, despite heartbreaking setbacks and challenges. He has sacrificed in many ways to help me find my joy and share it with others. He is my love, my champion and my best friend. This dream has become a family affair as we are often out in the early morning together to harvest, and even our littlest one has clippers in-hand, helping.

My transition from a residential grower to a commercial rose farmer has been assisted by the incredible generosity that I have found common among the flower farmer community. I will be forever grateful for the mentorship of Danielle and Bill Hahn, founders of Rose Story Farm. They have grown domestic garden roses in California for decades and have shared a wealth of knowledge with me.

My journey has taught me that now is an incredible time to be a woman, to own a business, and to be alive. I’ve also learned to have the courage to follow my heart, trust in the journey and lean into the collective feminine to find myself when I feel lost or broken. I know that I am a small wave in a mighty ocean of women working to make a difference in this world.

I dedicate my work to honor all the women who have come before me and those who will follow after me. I hope that you are touched and inspired to live life more fully—a bloomed life of your creation.

This has certainly been true for me.

Heather Dawn

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